News: Taco Bell Introduces XXL Crispy Steak Taco in Its Continuing Effort to Get You Wearing Size XXL Pants

Taco Bell XXL Crispy Steak Taco, image courtesy Taco BellTaco Bell loves going XXL: So far they’ve gone plus-sized on their Chalupas, Grilled Stuft Burritos, and most recently, their nachos.

Not content to sit on their wide-bottom laurels, they’ve now gone XXL on their tacos, touting the new XXL Crispy Steak Taco as their “BIGGEST taco ever.”

According to Taco Bell’s press release, “The XXL Crispy Steak Taco features double the marinated steak, fully loaded with lettuce, tomato, shredded cheese, avocado ranch sauce and reduced fat sour cream, all in a new crispy shell.”

The XXL Crispy Tacos will launch at participating Taco Bells nationwide on February 27. The steak offering will be priced at $2.99, while the shredded chicken option will be $2.79 and the seasoned ground beef $2.49.

5 thoughts on “News: Taco Bell Introduces XXL Crispy Steak Taco in Its Continuing Effort to Get You Wearing Size XXL Pants”

  1. We will see how this does in the market. With the latest health trends going on, and with the track record of Taco Bell’s other XL offerings, it could be a hard sell. I’m looking forward to trying it though! Honestly, the only thing that looks bigger is the shell.

  2. ^ Waits for “Junkfood Betty” to completely insult everything this guy said, for no reason at all. This is a tragic blog.

  3. I’d like to direct your attention to 0:12-0:14 of this old Taco Bell commercial, which proves unequivocally that this new taco is NOT the largest taco that Taco Bell has sold.

    I mean, that thing’s gotta be a foot long. That kid has to hold it with BOTH hands.

    As Tiny Elvis would have said, “Say man, take a look at that 80s taco. That sucker is HUUUUUGE”

    …..I’m not even going to address all the other insane stuff that’s going on in that ad….

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