News: KFC Double Down – I want it

Holy cow.  The KFC Double Down.  According to this LA Times post, it’s only available in Omaha, NE and Providence, RI right now, which makes me weep. Two fried chicken fillets sit where the two pieces of bread on a sandwich would be, and in between them are slices of cheese, bacon, and Colonel’s Sauce.  Amazing.

Photo courtesy the LA Times
Photo courtesy the LA Times

You’d better believe I’m going to get one of these on my hands as soon as possible.  Is there anything that better represents this great country?  America!

5 thoughts on “News: KFC Double Down – I want it”

  1. Looks to be super protein packed. I’d definitely give it a try…but I think I’d have to get a side of biscuits to go with it. I love bread too much.

    1. See, part of the appeal to me is the lack of bread. Sometimes I think a good bread enhances a sandwich, but sometimes I think it just gets in the way. Plus, how can you disagree with such a flagrant act of crappy fast food decadence?

  2. Yo, Betty-

    Good to see you in the blogosphere. I tried one of these mofos. Not so bad. I’m putting you on the blogroll…hope you post again soon!


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